Reclaim is a series of images designed to serve as a toolkit/guidebook (for myself and hopefully other too) for reclaiming inner wholeness while my outer world falls apart.

Through meditation and illustration I am creating a collection of healing words, poetry and images that will help me hold on to myself as I navigate the dissolution of my marriage and create a whole new life aligned with my soul’s essence.

Artwork inspired by meditation, patterns in nature and sacred geometry. Words and images that answer the question, 'What inner resources do I need to cultivate to navigate through the challenges in my path and create a whole new soul-inspired life?'

This is a healing process of embracing and cultivating my ability to alchemize devastation into beauty.

Reclaim is meant to be a map of inner constellations to guide me as I go through this process of divorce.

I have wished for a guide, someone to hold my hand and tell me what to do. How to choose between: Living with a man I no longer love, trust or feel safe with, or leaving and tossing my son’s life (and mine) into chaos? I've now made my choice and the answer, of course, was to leave and risk the unknown. It hurts. I feel lost. I am filled with fear of all the question marks. Afraid of untethering myself.

YET, it became too painful not to. I must honor my deep inner knowing that if I didn’t leave this marriage that what is most essential to me and in me will die.

I don’t know what the steps to take through this landscape where I never expected to be.

What I’ve come to realize is that I ultimately I must serve as my own guide on this journey. That the real journey is one towards trusting in myself more and more deeply. That along with opening up to receive all the loving support that I possibly can in the end it will be my own inner grace, wisdom, magic and creativity that will carry me and my son through. That the only way out of this uncomfortable place where I find myself is to Keep Going and Reclaim my Inner Wholeness while my outer world falls apart and creates the fertile soil for me to grow a whole new life.