feminine Fire

Branding, Logo, Business Cards & Wordpress Website Design

Kirsten is a Transformational Coach whose vision was to create a website as a ‘work of art’ inspired by the theme of cultivating inner fire and built around the power of beautiful thoughtfully illustrated images to connect and inspire. We used a bold color palette and illustrations of flames and flower petals to create these dynamic designs for her WordPress website and business cards.



“I want to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart. My website truly is a beautiful piece of art and a wonderful gift to the world and to me. I thank you So Much for putting so much thought and creativity and passion and love into birthing this site. Working with you was a JOYOUS process! Thank you for really hearing me and putting my ideas into a beautiful art form. I am grateful to You Lisa for your MANY skills and the heart that you bring with it. I couldn’t imagine this process turning out any better.

A true collaboration. Thank You.”

— KIRSTEN BIONDI | Feminine Fire