I'm Lisa Blakeborough. I'm an Visual Storyteller living in Minnesota. I am a conscious mom and art maker passionate about living in harmony with nature. I strive to use my imagination and intuition to add beauty, meaning and connection to our world through illustration and design.



I specialize in collaborating with soulful spirits and inspirational brands to create artwork that tells your story with authenticity and beauty.  

If you bring love, joy and wonder into the world through your life and work and need help translating your ideas into powerful branding, websites, illustration and marketing graphics –  then I would love to help you bring your vision to life.


I can guide you through a design process that is a joyful journey of self-discovery. A journey that results in a beautiful and effective final product that fills you with joy and inspiration. Together we will create custom artwork for your brand or product with a magic that goes beyond the basics of strategy and logic and connects right from the heart.


As a visual storyteller I consider each element of a design and create completely custom images, backgrounds and symbols to help you find the most effective, simple and authentic way to communicate and connect. Visual storytelling can take infinite forms — I work with clients around the world and across an array of media. My areas of design expertise include:

logos & branding

brand graphics that tell your story and connect from the heart.

wordpress website design

beautifully functioning works of art that that engage your audience.


nature and soul inspired illustration and infographics that shine with joy and imagination.

Please contact me to learn more about my services.



I do not always have an easy time speaking up. A good listener who has sometimes swallowed my voice, I’m just starting to discover my own inner boldness of spirit. I understand the courage that it takes to reveal to the world the truth of what’s in your heart. I am also familiar with the heavy feeling that can come from holding back.

I believe that the world needs to hear your voice. I can help you create visuals that serve as an authentic expression of YOU and your business. I would love to work with you to spark more magic into the world. Contact me to schedule your free 15 minute call to discuss the possibilities for your project.


ABout ME

Tuning in to the magic of mother earth and the wisdom of wild spaces is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. Watching the seasons change, collecting treasures of rocks leave and acorns and tapping into my own deep sense of wonder reconnects me with what I find most sacred.

Images have the power to heal a world that has lost it’s balance. When we express our stories from the heart, they can reconnect us with ourselves, with each other and with the world around us. My vision is to add more magic and enchantment to the world by creating works of art rooted in beauty, love & wonder.

My curiosity drives me and I love to discover new ways of thinking and seeing. I taught hot yoga for over a decade, meditate most days and spend as much time exploring nature with my son as I can. I am passionate about co-creating a healthier, kinder and more harmonious world and do my best work with clients who are making the world a better place. I really love what I do and continuously strive to create the highest quality work possible.

In addition to client projects, I create and sell my own line of nature inspired digital and watercolor illustrations. Come and visit my shop if you like!


Photos by Kristine Heykants